Father's Day: Thumbs Up Card

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Hi Friends!

I hope you’re all well and getting ready to celebrate the dads and dad figures in your life. Do you find it easier to plan a gift of appreciation for your hubby, one on the kid’s behalf or that of your own dad/dad figure? How about trying to keep it a surprise for each of them until Dad’s day? lol Sometimes that’s just as hard. Last year the kiddos and I worked on a simple but meaningful gift for Dad(hubby) and did our best to keep it a surprise. I think it was killing me more to keep quiet as I really wanted to see hubby’s reaction. I was good though and waited for the day we could finally present him the whitewashed wood plank plaque(tongue twister), of their handprints(4). The response was awesome!

It’s a year later and he’s still as thankful for that gift that carried his babies hands. With that in mind, I thought we could do a fun, simplified version. It only requires the printed sheet, very minimal craft paint and a pen/pencil to write out a personal message.

Check it out below

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What You'll Need

  • “Thumbs Up” Print Out

  • Craft Paint

  • Pen/Pencil

    optional: Hand Wipes or Wet Wash Rag


The Steps

  1. Print out the page and fold your paper in half to create a card.


2. Shake up paints well, open, and then use the paint left in the cap. The full thumb does not have to be covered in paint just as long as the tip has paint.


3. Apply paint to thumb picture and lettering. You can layer paints or use a single color. The wipes came in handy when switching colors.

Optional: You can add a single full/complete thumbprint near the Thumbs Up picture.

My little guy M.S. wanted to make a card for dad too.

4. Let the card dry about 5 minutes and then proceed with the personal message.

*For kiddos who can’t write yet, have them draw a picture inside and/or ask for their message to dad and then jot it down for them.

Optional: HANDPRINT - Add paint to your child’s hand and leave a full handprint on the inside of card.

That’s it!

We hope you have just as much fun making these cards as you do passing them on to dad.

Happy crafting and Happy Father’s Day!

Amanda and Naomi

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