Yarn and Felt Wrapped Containers

Hi Friends!

Do you remember when I mentioned before that Naomi had an upcoming birthday? Well, part of her gifts were a few inexpensive items to redecorate her room. She is crafty and creative like her mama, so this container craft was an easy and inexpensive way for her to add more color, texture and personalize her space while recycling some items.

And guess what? YOU can too! You could use these types of storage containers for small toys, a pencil holder, vase(only with plastic containers), hair tie holder, treat holder, gifting container, or even a piggy bank. Are you ready to start?!

Check it out below and don’t forget to share with us.

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What You'll Need

  • Recycled Plastic/Paper Containers ( yogurt, drink mix, oatmeal, etc.)

  • Yarn

  • Felt

  • Glue

  • Scissors

    OPTIONAL: Jute/Twine, Embroidery Floss, Ruler, Wipes/Wet Washrag


Naomi decided to use only yarn in a few of the colors from her room. I chose felt, yarn and twine in spring colors.

We had all these items at home from a previous project but you could easily pick them up at your local craft store, maybe even a Dollar store.


 The Steps

For yarn container:

1. Naomi applied plenty of glue all around the top portion. She then held down the yarn with her left thumb and wrapped it around with her right hand. She chose to have a looser/chunkier effect with the yarn by NOT wrapping too tightly.

2. She wrapped the yarn about 10-13 times in each color before adding more glue and continuing with the next color.

3. She continued to switch between both colors until the end and made sure to keep sliding down the yarn as close to the opening of the container to avoid large gaps*. She chose to leave her lid clear.

*This is where the wipes/washrag come in handy because your hands get sticky.

For felt and yarn container: This one took a little longer but it wasn’t hard. You can really change up the look and texture (the feel of it) with the different materials.

4. I used the ruler as a guide for the length/width of felt needed and the scissors to carefully scrape a line next to the ruler. The line was visible enough for me to cut the felt.

5. I applied plenty of glue around the top of the container, held the felt with my thumb and tightly wrapped around.

*Felt isn’t as forgiving with glue. When the glue dries it can leave a white mark. Unfortunately, I didn’t clean my hands often enough, so you will see a few spots.

6. I applied more glue and tightly wrapped blue yarn, lime green felt, tan jute and then lime green yarn.

*Don’t worry if your felt isn’t long enough, just cut more pieces to size and glue.

7. I then cut small rectangles from the rows of felt I had leftover and then cut once again to make narrow pieces.

8. I applied plenty of glue on the bottom edge, alternated the felt and overlapped it.

9. Lastly, I traced around the felt and lid with the scissors, cut out the circle, applied plenty of glue on the lid and glued down the felt.

We let it dry overnight just to be safe.

Keep an eye out for this cute little plane clipped to the frame. Post coming soon!

How would you decorate your containers? We can’t wait to see what you did and how you use them.

To share: have an adult take a photo of you and your creation, scroll up on this page, click on photo submission to the right —-> and have them submit the photo.

Happy crafting friends!

Amanda and Naomi