St. Patty's Rainbow Puppet

Hey there friends!

Have you experienced much rain in your neck of the woods? Here in California we’ve had rain on and off and let me tell you, the rainbows after are BEAUTIFUL! There’s something exciting about spotting the first rainbow, being THE one to spot it, making out all the colors and “trying” to see the end of the rainbow ha ha. How about spotting 2 rainbows at the same time?! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a few of those. As exciting as that phenomenon is, it only lasts for a bit.

What if you could have a rainbow that lasted much longer? Since St. Patty’s is days away, we created our own rainbows in honor of St. Patrick’s Day and those beautiful rainbows we see. I thought it would be fun to make an interactive craft and do something a little different; one with a surprise inside and possibly a little treasure! Come on friends, check it out below!

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What You'll Need

  • 2 Lunch Bags

  • Pencil

  • Craft Paint (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, gold)

  • Paint Brushes

  • Cup of Water & Old Rag

  • Green Construction Paper

  • Scissors

  • Glue

    OPTIONAL: Wax Paper, Small Bowl/Circular Item, Tape, Chocolate Gold Coins

Photo of Step 1. Delete this caption!

The Steps

Photos correspond with steps

1. Grab your 2 bags, place the bottom of the sacks up and facing you.

2. Fold the 2nd bag in half, toward you. (back side will now be facing you, this is where the rainbow will be)

3. Use your small bowl or circular item to trace the upper part of the rainbow on the 2nd bag.

4. This is what the top of the rainbow will look like.

Photos correspond with steps: top L to R, bottom L to R

1. Draw the angled sides of the rainbow below the natural line on the bag and the 1st arch at the center. (consecutive arches need to be angled in as well )

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Draw consecutive inner arches (6 in total)

Optional: draw clouds at the base of the rainbow, shown further below

Photos correspond with steps

1. Line up both bags, placing the rainbow over the 1st bag and overlapping the edges of the bags.

2. 3. The placement of the 2nd bag helps determine where you’ll draw the rim of your pot (on the 1st bag). Draw rim (optional: draw a brim, the inside rim of pot ).

4. 5. Draw the bottom of the pot and the feet (2 feet or 1 in the center) and glare streaks (optional).

6. Write your surprise phrase of choice: “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”, “Happy St. Patty’s Day!” “I found me pot o’ gold!”, “I’’M LUCKY to have you!”, and so forth on the 2nd bag (the underside portion of the rainbow).

Naomi drew a single rimmed pot and 1 center foot.

Photos correspond with steps

1. 2. Begin to paint, working your way in works best. Continue adding your rainbow colors, sky (outer edge of rainbow & smallest arch) and clouds. Set aside to dry.

3. Move onto painting the pot (1st bag). When done, return to the dried rainbow and paint the message (or use a marker).

tip 1: to lighten any color add a small amount to the wax paper with white paint & mix.

tip 2: to mix or create new colors, add each one to the wax paper and mix.

Photos correspond with steps

1. 2. The colors I chose were a little different than Naomi’s. I also mixed some turquoise and white to get a much softer blue for the sky (not shown) and then painted less defined white clouds on the upper part of the rainbow. Set aside to dry.

3. 4. Paint the rim/brim in a lighter shade than the pot and the glare streaks, on 1st bag. Paint the pot next.

5. 6. Draw the coins (I used the paint pot to trace a few) and paint with yellow and/or gold paint(I painted it all yellow and filled in the coins in gold for some variance). When done, go back to the rainbow and paint your message (or use a marker).

Optional: paint yellow/coins all the way under flap or just half way

Photos correspond with steps

1. 2. Trace the bottom portion of the bag onto the green construction paper; the width of the bag and the length of your choosing. I wanted the grass to reach the pot. Cut out peaks & slivers of grass, then glue. Optional: Trace and cut a 4 leaf clover + glue on.

3. 4. Next, lift up the flap above the coins and add glue. Glue the flap from the rainbow to the flap above the coins.

5. Lastly, add more glue to the back side of the rainbow and press down. Let that dry before using.

***FUN TREASURE*** Surprise the receiver of this puppet with a few chocolate gold coins taped onto the painted coins!

To share: have an adult take a photo of your creation, click on photo submission and have them submit the photo.

Happy crafting friends!

Amanda and Naomi