Cinco De Mayo: 3D Señorita

Hi friends!

Today we’re sharing something a little different; it's Mexican themed, Cinco de Mayo inspired, and hopefully a beautiful tribute to all the Latinas. It also pays tribute to ANY girl, niña, or señorita who's ever had her hair braided, so tightly, she thought her scalp would never recover. LOL Any hands up? I’m with you! REALLY, I have a flashback photo to prove it haha. Well, as I was crafting for my sister's bridal shower recently and up way past my bedtime; I played around with the excess streamers trying to come up with something for Cinco de Mayo. All the while, telling myself I NEED to go to bed because my body may not recover so easily.….but I didn’t and what do you know?! My Inspiration for today's craft was born. It developed over the following days and now we present you the 3D señorita with her long braided hair woven with colorful ribbons.

Enjoy pain free braids, where no scalp is harmed and no brush is required!! Check it out below. Happy Cinco de Mayo friends!

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What You'll Need

  • 1 Black Construction Paper

  • 1 Pink, Ivory or Tan Construction Paper (scalp color)

  • 1 Construction Paper (any color, for blouse)

  • 12 (5 ft to 5 & 1/4 ft long) Black Streamers

  • 4 (5 ft to 5 & 1/4 ft long) Blue Streamers

  • 4 (5 ft to 5 & 1/4 ft long) Yellow Streamers

  • 4 (5 ft to 5 & 1/4 ft long) Green Streamers

  • Glue or Glue Gun

  • Pencil

  • Crayons

  • Scissors

  • Hole Punch

  • Yarn/String

    optional: Tape, Swap out the 3 colored streamers for colors of choice, Decorative Paper

    *click on photos for a closer look

The Steps


1. Naomi and I started by cutting the streamers out, all about the same length 5 & 1/4 ft. 12 black for the hair strands (6 for each braid), 2 green, blue, & yellow as the ribbon (1 for each braid).

2. We then started in 4in sections, folding over, stretching slightly, and creating a crease until the end. Then repeat a 2nd time (folded in 1/4’s) until the end. The stretching will add some length and also create sharper folds.

3. When each streamer is folded, tape or hot glue 2 black and 1 colored steamer. This will create 3 groupings of 3 for each braid.

4. Tape 3 groups together and then finish with the other 3.

5. Place a heavy/solid container at the end to hold the strands and begin to braid. Hold the end with the same container.

6. Cut 5in (X2) of streamer and fold in 1/4’s too. Then wrap around the end of the braid and tie it.

7. Starting from the bottom, begin to loosen up the braid. Gently pull the strands with both hands to make the braid fuller.

8. If you run short on the ribbon as we did, add a tiny piece of tape to the back of each color and tape to the black piece. This will help it from loosening up even more or having straggled pieces. Set braids aside.

9. Fold over the black construction paper and crease.

10. With your pencil sketch out an apple shape, fuller at the top and a bit more narrow at the bottom.

11. Draw curved lives following the shape of the “apple, curving upward on top, straighter in the center and downward at the bottom. Leave 1/2 in edge all around.

12. Now cut all those lines. It doesn’t have to be exact. The ones that seem like thicker strands can be fixed by just add extra cuts.

13. Open up the “apple” and lay on the pink paper temporarily.

14. Cut a thin strip off the bottom, this will be the “part” in the hair. Set aside.

15. Add some glue to the upper part of the pink paper, leaving about an inch for the string later on.

16. Lay the hair on top of the glue and let sit for a few minutes.

Glue gun would be much quicker. If you’re a child/teen, ask for an adult’s help.

While the top part of the hair dries move on to the next part.

17. Draw the nape of the neck.

18. Use a colored construction paper or decorative paper for the blouse. Place it over the bottom end of the neck, overlapping 1/2 in and sliding it over a tad so you can see where the pink and blue end. Where the pink edge lines up with the blue, mark a dash there on the blue (not shown).

19. Fold over at the mark, making sure the edges line up evenly.

20. Cut out folded piece and place on pink paper. Hold while you draw the neck of the blouse and the top of the shoulders.

21. Cut out shirt and glue on. Continue with coloring it in or moving on to the next step 1st.

I didn’t wait and the glue underneath made it a tad harder to color.

Go back to the hair part.

22. Add a thin layer of glue to the middle part of the hair and glue on the pink strip (this will ensure the hair stays in place). Let that sit a few minutes (glue gun is quicker).

23. Then flip over a side and glue the middle section down. Let that sit a bit.

Make sure the middle section has already begun to dry or set enough before the next step.

24. Add glue to the sides of the hair, leaving an opening on the lower sides. With your hand slide the right or left section of hair towards the center part, This will create the lifted effect. Do the other side too.

25. Glue the bottom center section as well as gluing the braids in the opened section. (Hot glue gun works best here).

I added too much glue and required a few hours of drying.
26. Lift up the braids and color in some earrings (not shown)

27. Punch a hole or 2 and add some string to hang.

That’s it!

Happy crafting friends!

Amanda and Naomi

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My sis E. and I about 4 & 5 years old :)