DIY Granite Style Easter Eggs

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Hi friends!

We’re back for another exciting, super easy craft, that uses potato flakes, food coloring, and glue. Would you believe the idea for using potato flakes came WHILE we were making dinner? A few weeks ago Naomi said, “Mom, I’ve been craving mashed potatoes and gravy for WEEKS!” I laughed and said I could do something about it. But sometimes mashed potatoes from a box are as gourmet as this mama is going to get haha. While making dinner, my 5 yr old (M.S.) asked what was in the box, peeked in and then asked if he could feel it. I poured a few flakes onto his hand and that instantly got my wheels turning…. All I had to do was finish making dinner and then get to experimenting! I found out potato flakes are awesome to cook with and pretty cool to craft with. Once the weekend was here, the warm heat and cool breeze enticed out so we took our craft making outdoors!

Check it out below, this stuff could be right in your cupboards!

What You'll Need

  • Heavy Weight Construction Paper

  • Pencil

  • Glue

  • Food Coloring/Dye

  • Potato Flakes

  • Mixing Cups

  • Plastic Spoons

  • Plastic Gloves or Ziploc Bags

    optional: 1/4 Measuring Cup, Hand Wipes to clean up, Crayons, Small/Large Bowls for tracing, Glitter



The Steps


Naomi and I decided to make our eggs differently. I’ll share how we each got our results.

  1. Sketch your egg onto the construction paper. We free-handed the drawing but feel free to use a larger bowl to trace the wider end and a smaller bowl for the top portion, then fill in the sides.

Dyed Glue Egg

2. Naomi decided to dye her glue before laying it down on her paper. She poured about 1/4 cup glue in, added 2-3 drops of neon pink dye and stirred thoroughly.

Or try my method below

Dyed Flakes Egg

2. I added 1/4 cup of flakes to my cup but a little less would have been OK. PUT ON GLOVES or baggies, then add 6 drops of *pastel blue and mix with your gloved hand. A spoon will not work well.

The dye clumps up and needs to be worked in. Some clumping is good though, it adds depth.

*This is where you could add some glitter for an iridescent touch, we just thought of it too late.

3. Naomi then spread her dyed glue and followed my method for her dyed flakes using only 1/8th cup of flakes and 3-4 drops of neon green. Then sprinkled all over.

For a more modern look, sprinkle a little with your spoon across the egg and let dry 20min.

3. I spread glue all over the egg and sprinkled my flakes over the entire area. For a simple egg leave as is and move on to coloring grass, a basket or other scene.

Otherwise, add some extra color with drops of dye and proceed with the scene, then dry 20 min.

This opened up so many possibilities for future crafts with this method, we can’t wait to share those too.

Happy Easter!
EGGcellent Easter Egg!
Easter egg craft, Easter craft, Potato craft, Potato flakes craft, Food dye craft, Food coloring craft

Happy crafting friends! Amanda and Naomi

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