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Hi friends!

The weather has been warmer, flowers and plants are blooming and our very own garden is growing wonderfully! We’ve (as in hubby; I have a black thumb) even planted sunflowers and a wild flower mix next to the garden, in hopes of attracting bees and humming birds. Which if you didn’t know, because I didn’t, is meant to do that very thing AND have them pollinate the garden. Though homegrown produce is extremely rewarding and satisfying, I’m really just excited about fresh flowers in my home! Haha While I wait for those, here’s a cute nod to the little but mighty garden workers: our version of the bumble bee. It’s a super easy, emoji inspired mobile!

Check it out below.

*Click on photos for closer look

What You'll Need

  • Yellow Poster Board or Cardstock

  • Black Felt

  • 1 Black Pipe Cleaner

  • Pencil, Black Pen & Marker

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Parchment Paper

  • Pushpin or Toothpick

  • Twine or String

    optional : Large Mug for Tracing, Yellow & Black construction Paper Can be Swapped in for Poster Board & Felt.


The Steps

Naomi and I created 2 different bees, a forward facing and side facing bee.

The details are below.

  1. Trace the large mug or small bowl for the bee’s body. You can make a complete circle or leave a 2 in. gap and then form the bees pointer. You can also add it with felt later.

    I added the pointer, Naomi did it with felt only.

  2. Cut out the eyes: round, diamond, heart, rainbow, etc. and mouth.

  3. Cut out the stripes: thick, thin, or a combo plus the pointer.

  4. Glue them all on.

5. Draw 1 beehive shape, cut out and then trace 4-6 times before cutting out. Naomi chose to draw a few honeypots as well. Trace with a pen to define lines(not shown).

6. Cut out round or oval wings from the parchment paper and draw a waffle or branch design with the marker/permanent pen. optional: Trace the outer edges.

7. Glue the wings on to the back side: on the sides of the forward facing bee or together on the side facing bee.

8. Cut 2 small pieces of pipe cleaner for the antennas and a few strings for the beehives/honeypots.

I cut 3 strings and Naomi cut 1 longer one to create a loop.

9. Use the toothpick or pushpin to create 2 large holes (push though & wiggle around) for the antennas at the top and 2 holes for the twine at the bottom.

10. Feed the pipe cleaners through, leave a bit out, twist the end to the longer part and then curl the upper parts. Then add the twine at the bottom.

11. Lastly poke holes through each cutout, feed through the string/twine and knot at the end.

That’s it!

Hang your mobile and enjoy a sting free bee.


Happy crafting friends!

Amanda and Naomi

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