Mother's Day: Card with Mini Yarn Hanging

Hi Friends!

Who likes cute, useful things? I do, but cute, useful, AND dual/multi purpose?!?!??!! I’m ALL over that! Well, Naomi and I were throwing around ideas for a Mom's day craft, we wanted one that wouldn’t be tossed aside, forgotten or without use. We came up with this adorable card! And not just any card, one with a removable gift BUILT. RIGHT. IN. YES!!

Hang out a bit and get the long and short of this Mom’s day card or one for the special lady in your life, who loves you lots and takes good care of you. I made one for my own mama and Naomi, made hers for me. Although, it wasn’t a surprise, the sweet messages my babies wrote me were! (She said I could peak early) This will be such a cute and useful gift for the mama’s/mama figure’s in your life, they’ll be “yarning” for more! OK, OK, that’s the last one lol

Check out the craft below and a glimpse into our early mom’s day celebration.


What You'll Need

  • 2 Heavy Weight Sheets of Construction Paper or Card Stock (in your choice of color)

  • Glue

  • Pencil/ Pen

  • Small twig

  • 1 Pipe cleaner (in your choice of color)

  • Yarn in Various Colors or Just One

  • Scissors

  • Crayons

  • Toothpick/Pushpin


The Steps

We started with the card 1st and then moved onto the yarn hanging.

Click on photos for a closer look.

  1. Glue 1 paper on top of the other, this will ensure your card is sturdy enough to hold the craft. (Glue stick dries quicker) IF you are using cardstock, skip this step.

  2. Fold card in half and decide if you’d like a horizontal or vertical card.

  3. Prior to writing out your message, make sure you will have enough space for the yarn hanging which will be a part of the “H” and the letters “anging”. Decide what message you’d like: “Mom, thanks for Hanging with me”, “Mom, I love Hanging out with you”, “Mom, Hanging out with you is the best” or any other combination that includes the word “HANGING” in it. Then draw a LARGE uppercase “H” with a pencil and leave some space for the rest of the letters.

  4. Next create the hanging: the twigs and yarn, with crayon 1st. You can finish writing out your message now or later. We wrote ours later as well as finishing the coloring.

    This will allow the recipient to see the hanging on the card, even when the gift is removed from it.

5. Snap a section of twig long enough to cover the middle section of the “H”. Set that aside.

6. Figure out how long you’d like your hanging to be and then double the length plus a tiny more (for wrapping).

7. We found a quick way to cut a bunch of yarn. Cut 1 piece to your liking, lay it down and with the other yarn loop it back and fourth next to it. When you have a few loops, pick up both ends. With one hand hold tightly, while you cut the loops with the other, repeat on the opposite end.

8. Continue with all the colors or until you have the desired amount.

To assemble your hanging

You can design your pattern by laying it out before assembling or as you go.

9. Fold 1 strand of yarn or a few, in half and place under twig.

10. Feed the ends THROUGH the loop.

11. Pull the ends tight and continue adding.

I added quite a bit of yarn for a fuller hanging and included longer strands in between.

12. Use the same length of yarn as before but instead of feeding the ends through the loop, create a double knot.

13. Tie one end closer to the the top and then knot it a second time.

14. When you’re all done, tie a longer piece to the ends for hanging.

15. Finish off your message if necessary and your personal note on the inside.

16. Use a toothpick or pushpin to create 2 small holes on each side.

16. Cut (2) small pieces of pipe cleaner to attach your hanging, then feed through the holes. Lastly, twist the ends tight to hold your gift securely.


Now give that card to the special lady in your life and tell her how much you appreciate her. She can keep her card as is or separate the items and hang the yarn craft up.

And now for our early mother’s day celebration!

My mom didn’t ask for much, just for all her kids to be together on Mother's Day. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to be possible, so we celebrated early. I wrote my mom a note thanking her and then had my kiddos add a little something too, I think she liked it :)

Happy crafting friends and Happy Mother’s Day!

Amanda and Naomi

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