Memorial Day Fireworks Craft

Hi Friends and Happy Memorial Day!

Are you celebrating with family or friends today? Do you have plans for hosting a meal? How about some simple crafting for the celebration or entertaining little guests; maybe your own kiddos? This is such an EASY, almost mess free, activity. Naomi and I used a similar method as with our Granite Easter Eggs but with slight differences. This craft can easily be switched up however you’d like, make: stars, fireworks, flags, all, or some. You could make as many as you’d like (they don’t take long to dry) and put them around your home/location, hang some off of branches or create a banner.

Can I tell you a little sidenote? When I first tried out the flakes and food dye mixture in April, I grabbed the red and blue, trying to create purple. It didn’t work out BUT it did create this mix! I knew then, come Memorial Day or even Fourth of July, we could have fun experimenting with different shades of blues/reds, intensity and creating our own fireworks. So, join us in some Memorial Day fun!

It’s all below.

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What You'll Need

  • Heavy Weight Construction Paper or Banner Paper

  • Potato Flakes

  • Red & Blue Food Dye

  • Glue

  • Disposable Cups

  • Plastic Spoons

    optional: Cookie Trays (to contain possible spills), Gel Pens or Other Writing Utensils,


The Steps

First decide about where you’d like to have your written message and do that now or leave space for it later.

We decided to write it later and start with the flakes. Each of our cups had 1/4 cup of flakes and initially 3-6 drops of each color in our cups. Mix with spoon thoroughly: this is where it differs from the Granite Easter Eggs craft. Mixing with the spoon leaves darker flecks of color but requires a bit more dye, so continue adding dye as needed.

*We eventually added a lot more red to one cup and blue to the other, so not to waste the flakes/cups we had already used and create the richer colors you’ll see further below.


Next, design your Fireworks with your glue on the paper. Make different sizes or squiggly lines. This is where you could do stars, flags or a combo of all.

This is where you’ll finally get to use the unique blend you’ve mixed. We sprinkled on some flakes, tilted the paper in different angles to cover all the glue and then carefully poured back into cup. Repeat if you’d like, otherwise you can add more dye to the cups to darken the flakes. Add those darker flakes in different areas or on top of your other work.

Optional: using a cookie pan under your paper will help catch any flakes that spill.

Lastly, write your message out with gel pens, crayons, markers or colored pencils.

That’s it!


Happy crafting and Happy Memorial Day friends!

Amanda and Naomi

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