4th of July: Flag Garland

Hi Friends!

We’re back with another garland, this time for the 4th of July! You can lengthen your garland by adding more flags or spacing them out further. They really don’t take much time or supplies. Our flags are a fun interpretation of the American Flag, each with 10 red stripes, 9 white ones, and a random amount of grey stars. But if you prefer creating an accurate representation, use 13 stripes (7 red, 6 white) and 50 stars instead. Have fun friends and display your flags proudly!

Check it out below!

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What You'll Need

  • Red, Blue, White Construction Paper

  • Glue

  • Ruler

  • Pencil

  • 4 Craft Sticks

  • Scissors

  • Grey or White Crayon

  • Yarn

    optional: Other Crayons, Wavy Scissors, Glue Gun (with adult assistance if you are a child)

The Steps

  1. Fold red paper in half.

  2. Fold once again into fourths.

  3. Cut out the 4 flags.

4. With your ruler draw 4 rectangles 3 in (L) x 1.5 in (W) on the blue paper and cut out.

5. Glue blue rectangles to upper left corner.

6. With your ruler and pencil draw (30) stripes 6 in long x 1/8 in OR (15) stripes 12 in long x 1/8 in and then cut those in half. *Each flag will use 6 stripes (of the 6in length) on the lower part and 3 half stripes for the upper portion.

7. Glue stripes on.

8. Draw your stars.

optional: Write a message on the flag or use different colors for the stars. Use the WAVY SCISSORS: Cut the ends with the special scissors or all around the edges.


9. Glue the craft stick on to the back. I highly recommend using a hot gun(with adult assistance if you are a child) as it holds stronger and dries faster.

10. Cut your length of yarn/string, fold in half, place two flags where you’d like them and backwards. Place flags across from those 2, backwards and upside down. This will help with a more even placement.

11. Again, the hot glue gun works much better here. Add a thin line of hot glue then wait about 5 seconds before placing the yarn carefully. The glue should be warm to the touch.

That’s it!

Happy crafting and Happy 4th of July!

Amanda and Naomi

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