4th of July: Mickey Mouse Garland

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Hi Friends!

Today’s craft is inspired by my little one’s love of Mickey Mouse. We recently got to visit Mickey at Disneyland in celebration of the three summer birthday’s we have, including “Baby” MJ’s 2nd. We knew he would be over the moon to see his favorite buddy in person, as would we; it was our first time as a family! When it was time to celebrate his actual birthday, it had to be Mickey themed and something easily customizable and inexpensive. So, I visited my local Dollar Tree and created a Mickey garland with a few of their items and a black Mickey Mouse head for the cake stand. This craft combines both ideas with a Mickey Mouse touch and patriotic emphasis! I know I say this pretty regularly, but it was REALLY easy to assemble! Really! You can find inexpensive plates for this craft at your Dollar type store or anywhere else. Check it out below.

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What You'll Need

  • Large Patriotic Plates (10 pack)

  • Small Single Colored Plates (20)

  • Yarn/String

  • Glue Gun (adult assistance necessary)

  • Glue Sticks

  • Scissors'

  • Hole Punch


The Steps

  1. Decide where you’d like to position your ears. If they’re too close, they’ll look more like bear ears.

  2. Carefully add some glue to the flat part of the edge, just enough to glue to the larger plate.

  3. Place small plate under larger plate’s edge.

  4. Carefully seal and hold together a few seconds.


5. Set completed Mickey heads aside until all are assembled.


Under Ears for hanging against a wall or fence, Between Ears for hanging anywhere else.

6. Punch holes where you’d like them.

7. Cut about 14 -15 ft of yarn/string, less if you plan to keep them close. (You can always add more to the ends) Or cut (2) 7ft strings, work with 5 heads per each and then tie together(we chose this option).

8. Feed string through the back and left side of a Mickey head, about 6in. While holding the longer portion of string behind the plate, use shorter string to wrap over edge and back through the hole.

9. Pull string up and through the loop it creates, pull tight.

10. Now feed the longer end through the hole on the right side(make sure string is behind head) and create the same loop, leave about 6 in between the next head and continue the process with the rest of them. If you had 2 shorter strings, tie 2 of the ends together.

That’s it!

These Mickey heads came out great and are ready for our 4th of July festivities!

Happy crafting and Happy 4th of July!

Amanda and Naomi

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*These little flags were last week’s craft :)