Squishy Paint: Pool Inspired Craft

Hi Friends!

You're in for a splash of a craft! HA. OK, you won’t get splashed or wet by any means but you WILL get a chance to create your own “body of water” and the effect of spreading “water”. Today’s craft was inspired by our love of pools; the smell, the feel, and mostly their beautiful, crystal clear water, in shades of blues or turquoise. Honestly, any ocean with the same clarity and beauty is our ideal, but pools come in a close second. That’s why we are SO grateful to have the latter in our backyard. Our pop up pool has served us well, it provides relief, fun, relaxation and therapeutic sound. So, why not use the inspiration and pool noodles for a little extra fun and texture!? Check it out below!

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What You'll Need

  • (1)Blue Construction Paper

  • (1) White Heavy Duty Construction Paper

  • Glue

  • Craft Paints

  • (1) Gallon Size Ziploc Bag

  • Scissors

  • Pool Noodles

  • Crayons

    optional: Pencil, Knife(adult supervision required), Wipes/Wash rag, Toothpicks


The Steps

  1. With caution or adult assistance, cut very thin rings from your pool noodles. These will be little pool tubes aka “donuts”.

  2. Fold the blue paper in half, cut and use the half sheet.

3. Create a wave or waves with your pencil.

4. Cut out waves (do not glue yet). Preview of your waves in progress.

5. (not pictured) Place blue paper ON TOP of Ziploc bag & squirt different colors of paint.

6. Carefully place paper inside Ziploc bag the horizontal way and centered NOT like Naomi (left photo) and seal it.

Naomi had some cool, recognizable shapes, once she placed her paper inside the bag! What do you think? Do you see any others? I wasn’t so lucky.

Naomi had some cool, recognizable shapes, once she placed her paper inside the bag! What do you think? Do you see any others? I wasn’t so lucky.

7. Now SQUISH IT, SQUISH IT, SQUISH IT!! Spread it all around with your fingers, blending where you’d like and creating your unique designs. It’s ok if the blue paper shows through.


8. Open bag, cut on the seams or the outer edge of the paint (clear part) and spread open carefully.

Your paint may have caused some of the paper to stick to the bag, it’s ok! You can use a toothpick to remove or just leave as is. This is what happened to Naomi and she got a really cool effect (below, left)

SAVE THE BAGS! We’ll be using them for next weeks craft. Leave open and let dry.

9. Carefully glue your wave on the white paper, toothpicks help push down the areas that are still wet.

10. Glue on your rings.

11. Lastly, write and color your message: “ SWIMMING IN MY POOL KEEPS ME COOL!”, “ON POOL TIME!”, or any other fun saying and let dry 5-10 min.

That’s it!

Just in case you don’t like getting near water or getting wet, here’s a safe shot of our pool. Isn’t it beautiful!?


Happy crafting!

Amanda and Naomi

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