Ocean Craft + Cute Puffer Fish

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Hi Friends!

Do you remember our last craft, the Squishy Paint:Pool Inspired one? We mentioned using some of the leftover supplies for our next craft, specifically the used up Ziploc paint bag. I couldn’t bear to toss the bags, the colors were too gorgeous and their unique makeup mesmerizing. We’re easily entertained haha. Well, we HAD to create something with them. So, we continued with our water theme and created this! The cute puffer fish required a tiny bit of patience and a steady hand but were easy to assemble. If you didn’t catch last week’s craft go ahead and check it out. If you forgot to keep the bag, no worries, we’ll walk you through it with a new bag. Check it out below!

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What You'll Need

  • White or Blue Construction Paper

  • Used Gallon Size Ziploc (if you still have it)

  • Glue

  • Nickle Sized Pom Pom’s or Larger

  • Metallic Star Confetti: 2 Small (eyes) & 3 Medium (fins + tail), per fish

  • Scissors

optional: Gallon Size Ziploc Bag (if paint bag is needed), Craft Paints in Ocean Colors, Blue or Iridescent Glitter, Extra Metallic Star Confetti for Ocean, Crayons


The Steps


These are the bags from last week. To make similar ones, follow the instructions below.

To make paint bags:

a. Apply paint squirts in the center of the bag, lengthwise/horizontally, like the bag in the upper right.

b. Seal bag

c. Spread/squish the paint together with your fingers, mix and leave about a 1 in - 2in gap on each side.

d. Open bag and carefully cut the top layer or at the seams, spread open and let air/sun dry (time varies based on paint thickness).

When dry proceed with the craft.

  1. Place dry/old paint bag over your paper and figure out your placement.

  2. Cut out the portion you’d like to use, following the natural curves. (Save the extra plastic)

  3. Add Glue to the bottom portion in a varying pattern.

  4. Sprinkle on glitter (use as much as you want).

5. While glue is wet, apply the plastic, press down edges and middle areas but DO NOT flatten. This helps create dimension.

6. Cut out clouds from leftover plastic and apply the same way.

7. Hold pom pom bottom between thumb and 2 fingers.

8. Add 5 glue dots: 2 in the front (eyes), 2 on the sides (fins) 1 in the back (tail)

9. Apply 2 small stars for the eyes and poke the 3 other stars into the body. Set aside.

10. When you’re done making fish, glue them onto the water.

11. You may add starfish with the extra star confetti.

12. Lastly, add a sun or birds.

That’s it!

Naomi decided to cut a star and glue the tip for a shark fin at the top of the water, she added starfish and a few extra stars to one of her puffer fish. She also added what we both though looked like “Nessie”, up in the clouds.

I kept mine simple but LOVED the foam green color in the middle and how the top looked like wavy water.

Happy crafting!

Amanda and Naomi

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