Jellyfish Craft

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Hi Friends!

Are you noticing a theme here? This is our 3rd water/ocean related craft in a row. It hasn’t been intentional, they’ve just been inspired by our summer favorites or our summer fun so far. It’s also not slowing down, we have another one next week lol. Next week’s though is definitely intentional and in honor of an All About Hope milestone. Can’t wait to share! But today we’re making our own jellyfish, inspired by the ones we saw at the Legoland Aquarium, in Carlsbad, Ca(part of the birthday's trip last month). They’re easy, fun to make, and require very little supplies. Our favorite part was watching the parchment paper crinkle up with the glue, and second, making the tentacles. Check it out below!

*Click on photos for closer look


What You'll Need

  • Black Construction Paper

  • Pink, Blue or Any Color Construction Paper

  • Parchment Paper

  • Glue

  • Pencil

  • (5) Pipe Cleaners in Choice of Color

  • Scissors

    optional: You can use any colored background paper, black helped the jellyfish stand out the most.


The Steps

  1. Fold your colored paper in half and cut across the line. You will only need the half.

2. Draw your jellyfish body with the pencil.

3. Cut out your jellyfish.

4. Cut a piece of parchment paper large enough to cover the jellyfish’s body + a little extra.

5. Place parchment paper over the fish, hold steady, and trace around the fish. Leave a small edge around.

(Preview of the jellyfish and parchment over black paper)

6. Add glue to the back of the jelly fish and place on the upper portion of the black paper. Leave enough room for the parchment layer.

7. Add glue on top of the jellyfish body as well. *Your parchment paper will begin to crinkle up in the direction that you apply your glue.

7. You will still need to help the parchment adhere fully by dragging your fingers over the center and edges. Leave the bottom unglued, pipe cleaners will be placed there.

You can crinkle up pipe cleaners first or after gluing.

8. Flip up bottom edge of parchment paper and determine the amount and placement of pipe cleaners. You may cut a few in half to vary lengths.

9. Place the pipe cleaners under the flap with plenty of glue and press down firmly. Let dry about 10 minutes.

10. Wave/crinkle your pipe cleaners.

That’s it!


Easy enough right?!

Happy crafting

Amanda and Naomi

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