Coastal Seashell Craft

Hi Friends!

This is our 4th water/ocean inspired craft!!! Today’s is especially important, it’s in honor of All About Hope’s recent 2ND BIRTHDAY and a nod to our founder’s LOVE of the ocean!!! We used a #2 cutout, seashells from our Eureka, Ca trip (Pacific Ocean) and drew coastal scenes inspired from photos we took. We’re excited to celebrate this milestone and be a part of AAH! We have the great opportunity of sharing fun and creative ideas with you weekly and be on an amazing team that serves joyfully. THANK YOU for joining the journey, showing up weekly and supporting AAH! In case we haven’t mentioned it yet, you can find us on Pinterest too.

*Click on photos for closer look

What You'll Need

  • White Heavy Duty Construction Paper

  • #2 Print Out

  • Scissors

  • Craft Glue

  • Glue Gun or Heavy Duty Glue (with adult assistance)

  • Seashells & Sand Dollars

  • Crayons

    optional: Glass Stones, Twigs or Driftwood (instead of Seashells), Use Any Number Instead of the 2.


The Steps

  1. Print out the #2 , cut out and set aside. Optional: Draw the 2 or any other number, after creating your coastal scene.

2. Draw your coastal scene, horizontally or vertically.

Naomi colored the sand and then scraped off the crayon wax for a lighter effect. Mine is further down.

She then added some plants, rock formations, water, and a bird. Further down you’ll see that she added a little stick figure “surfer” with a red board and wood for a bonfire.

3. When you’re done with your scene, glue the #2 with craft glue or draw a large 2 where you’d like.

4. Add your seashells & sand dollars with a glue gun or heavy duty glue.

*Break seashells to fit if necessary and add as many/little as you’d like.

This is Naomi’s inspiration on the left and her finished craft on the right.

* For fun we added 2 small globs of hot glue at the base of the “bonfire” and sprinkled the sand we found at the bottom of the bag which carried our shells.

  1. I started off with some sand at the edges of the paper, left a gap for the white/lighter color of the waves that hit the beach and then colored in the ocean.

  2. I left a spot in the middle open until I could figure out where I’d place my little island. For the island, I drew it out and added different layers of browns, tans and a grey to get some shading. I then filled in the paper with more ocean.

  3. I colored in some greenery and tall narrow trees.

4. I glued my #2 on the bottom left corner and colored a red board under it.

5. I then glued the seashells & sand dollars to it. I also added more shells than Naomi did.

That’s it!

This was my inspiration, a close up of the island.

In the center is my finished craft and our collected shells. Finding seashells is a pretty standard tradition for many people at the beach but it never gets old. :)

Happy 2nd Birthday AAH and Happy crafting!

Amanda and Naomi

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