DIY Magnets 3+ Ways!

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Hi Friends!

I CAN’T believe I’m already saying this but, summer is pretty much over. It happens every year, summer slips by so quickly and we’re scrambling to get more of it. lol We’ve had lots of fun though; and just as fun, sharing our summer with you. In that spirit, we bring you this craft straight out of our Eureka, CA trip last month and MY LOVE of magnets! They’re fun, unique, usually specific to their locale, mostly inexpensive, tactile and “HELLO”, a useful memento! Magnets hold a special place in my heart and on my fridge. They showcase the places we’ve traveled to before we had kiddos, those we’ve visited with them, places our family/friends have been to, and honestly, tell a pretty neat story.

They can also be hard to come by. We’ve frequented restaurants on our travels I wish had magnets for purchase, but only a business card or food box/bag with their logo is available. Cute shops we’ve stopped in have shirts with their logo but no magnets. Some places carry larger souvenirs but magnets get left out or their selection is sad. Other times there’s no reason for buying them except their appeal and functionality. So you see, magnets are serious business with me, haha. Because there aren’t always magnets available, ones I like, or in my ideal price range, I’ve used the magnet hacks below to create my own. I’ve gotten around those magnet “problems” for years and this is how. Check out our magnets below, ranging from a small cost to least expensive to make.

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What You'll Need

  • Patch, Badge/Button Pin or Keychain small cost

  • Pressed Penny minimal cost

  • Gift Shop Bag, Brochure, Flyer, or Business Card (from travels/outing) no cost

  • Scissors

  • Cardboard

  • Craft Glue

  • Gorilla Glue

  • Different Sized Magnets


M.S. helped me make the commemorative penny’s! It literally took seconds. This was his and little brother M.J.’s first time to the Sequoia Park Zoo or any place in the Eureka, Ca area.

a) This was a badge I purchased years before to create my own customized magnet. At the time I believe they had no magnets available or their selection of animal magnets was too generic and didn’t have their logo. It’s changed since then!

This is the most expensive of the options but patches, badge/button pins and keychains offer unique alternatives to typical magnets.

b) Our pressed pennies! A fun way to get the kids involved and a super inexpensive way to get a souvenir. Most locations have these. INSTEAD of just tossing them with other coins or in a junk drawer, keep them visible by creating magnets. This takes only .51 cents to make per penny!

c) We DID purchase magnets this time and a few smaller things which were placed in this stamped paper bag. INSTEAD of tossing in the trash, we decided to repurpose a portion of it. But you may have a brochure, flyer, business card or even a logo from a pizza/food box that could be repurposed! THIS COSTS NOTHING!

The Steps

Naomi took on the pennies and I the stamped bag.

Our magnets had a stick on option but to be safe we added gorilla glue after peeling the paper off.

  1. Remove paper backing from magnet and add a little bit of glue to the magnet and penny.

  2. Let glue sit on each item, unattached, for about 1-2 min.

  3. Join the 2 together and press hard. Let dry a few minutes.

If you are using anything with food, make sure to clean or wipe any moisture/oils off.

  1. Trim your item of choice. I chose to use the upper portion of the stamped bag.

  2. Use cardboard or firm piece of paper, cut to size, to mount your cut piece onto.

  3. Add craft glue to the cardboard and then press your cut piece firmly. Let dry a few minutes.

    IF you are using Styrofoam, gorilla glue might work better.

4. Turn your piece backwards to add magnets.

5. Remove the paper backing, apply glue and let sit.

6. Press the magnets onto cardboard and press firmly before drying for a few minutes.

OPTIONAL: I have always written down the date of our trips on the back with a pen or sharpie so I could remember the time/visit better. I’ll also add the name of the person who gave us the magnet if it was a gift.

That’s it!! SUPER EASY!

Here are other options for magnets too!

a) The birthday badge/button pin was free from our Legoland trip, just stop by at the customer relations office and ask for one. They even have “ 1st visit to LEGOLAND” pins. With these you don’t have to glue the magnet on, just place it in the center and instantly put it on your fridge or any place with metal. If you want to wear it or add it to a bag just remove the magnet.

b) While we were in L.A. I had these mini license plate keychains made at a little shop (these are pretty much anywhere but my kids’ names are not common) for $4. My littles don’t have keys or use for these lol but my goal was to create personalized magnets for them.

What do you think?! Pretty easy!

Happy crafting!

Amanda and Naomi

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