Hi Friends!

Ok, school is about to start, like THIS WEEK! Don’t ask me where the time went because I have no idea. My 5 year old baby is even off to school. As excited as we are to share this new experience and season with him, I am definitely feeling sentimental. It’s not like we haven’t sent a child to school for their 1st time before, I’m just wanting him and his teacher to have the best of first days. So, this craft is going to be great for many reasons.

First off, he will have a cute little All About Me booklet, that we’ve created together. It will immediately provide his teacher a name & face for reference, some highlights & insight on my little guy, and our contact info. The booklet itself will be nice, but combined with a flower, treat, or gift card for their class will be an even nicer surprise for the teacher, on day 1 of…? It will also be a great craft for a few more years and when duplicated for your own keeping, will provide you a cherished memento; one with a loving note to your child, to one day pass back to them. I’m already gushing with feelings over this lol. If you are too, I’m here to help you parents out!

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What You'll Need

  • 2 Construction Paper Sheets (color of choice)

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Pencil/Pen

  • 2 of Each Sheet (below)

  • Wallet Sized Photo of Your Child or Printed One

    optional: Crayons, Family Photo, Small Gift For Teacher


The Steps

My little guy and I!

  1. Print the necessary sheets (1 of each per booklet, below) and a photo as well if you don’t have one to use.

    *I took a photo with my phone, sent it to my email and then printed a wallet sized one.

  2. Ask your child for their answers to each question/statement and write down X 2.

Download the sheets here and here 1st, then print (2 of each). Printing directly could result in much smaller sheets.

The 1st page contains the front and back sheet. The 2nd page are the inside sheets.

3. Have your child draw their family portrait or glue a family photo instead.

*They’ll have to do it twice

4. Your child can then color the drawing or leave as is.

5. Cut out the sheets and photo if necessary (cut to size) .

6. Fold the construction paper in half and glue on the sheets, then glue on the photo.


Don’t forget to add a personal note for your child’s teacher and then one for your child on the other booklet.

Add a small treat if you’d like and send it off to school!

I’m not crying, you are.


Happy crafting!

Amanda and Naomi

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