DIY Affirmations

Hi friends!

School has started and we’re still adjusting; trying to get into a good routine. How about you, are you hanging in there? At least our kindergartner is liking school so far. Making last week’s craft together and giving it to his teacher, helped him be proactive & less nervous about starting. But getting a great response, knowing that his gift was well received, THAT made his day! He’s still talking about it :) Our older 2 are adjusting as well and thankfully homework has been minimal, though I suspect that will change soon. Our kids need motivation, encouragement and affirmations to keep them going- for school, life, or any challenges that come their way. What better way to affirm my/your students, affirm themselves or better yet, affirm yourself with these statements! When my kids get an ‘A’, do well, or overcome a challenge, I say, I DESERVE AN ‘A’ TOO!” or something appropriate lol It’s my way of acknowledging my own contribution in their success. Why not? We’re partners! If they’ve earned a treat or reward of some sort, you better believe I am rewarding myself TOO! So parents, grab some affirmations for your kids or yourself and have an amazing week!

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What You'll Need

  • Recycled Pizza Box or Cardboard

  • Scissors

  • Craft Paint & Brushes

  • Container with Rinse Water

  • Pencil

  • Print of Choice (below)

    optional: Glue, Large Egg Carton, Paper Towels, Wipes, Tape


The Steps

We used a small pizza box, separated it and each got a lid/bottom for the craft.

  1. Trim the sides.

  2. Choose a sheet (more below) or 2 depending on if you’d like to make more or swap out the graphic.

    *Click on print, right click and open in new window.

    *Save to your computer or print.

    *Print in reverse/mirror mode. This will allow you to transfer in the correct order.

    optional: print (in regular mode) and frame.

3. Trace the letters and graphic with pencil, make sure to do a thorough job.

4. Flip over sheet and tape onto cardboard.

5. Begin to transfer the letters & graphic by scribbling/penciling on the backside.

I followed the same instructions for my craft.

6. Begin to paint. When you’re done set it aside to dry.

You may start however you’d like, there’s no right way. Also, the letters are just guides for placement, font style, and sizing, so you can thicken/enlarge them too.

IF you like it as is, you’re done. IF you would like it mounted, continue with the instructions below.

Naomi did a great job transferring but got caught up talking to her mama and didn’t follow the shading on the hand properly. She later went back to correct it.

I thinned out some of the blue paint with water to go over the lettering slightly. It wasn’t perfect or very neat but it worked.

The paper towels and wipes are great for drying off the brush and cleaning up spills.

I used a similar washed out method for the inner brain part.

7. Place the dried cardboard over the egg carton and cut the excess off.

*We cut just under the cardboard piece so that the carton wouldn’t be as visible.

8. Add plenty of glue and press the cardboard down. Let dry for 20min. or so.

You can tack onto a wall, add string to the back to hang or lean against a wall.

That’s it!

Happy crafting!

Amanda and Naomi

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