Watercolor Sunrise

Hi Friends!


Today we have an easy watercolor sunrise, inspired by the occasional early rises we’ve made, on our long distance travels and today’s. It was dark when we woke; we could have easily stepped out back to witness the sunrise for ourselves, unfortunately we got busy getting ready for school and today’s craft! Completing the craft early this morning was such a nice break from the heat and oh so reminiscent of the fall days we LOVE. Each year we eagerly await those days and all the fun that comes with them. Though fall is STILL 4 weeks away, today’s morning craft gave us hope for the days to come and the crafts we’ll share! If you’re feeling inspired enough to craft in the cool mornings, this one came together very quickly with just a few items, no mess, and turned out some nice interpretations. Check it out below!

*Click on photos for close up


What You'll Need

  • Heavy Weight Construction Paper(white)

  • Painter’s Tape

  • Watercolors

  • Paintbrushes

  • Rinse Cup

    optional: Paper Towels /Rag to dry brushes


The Steps

  1. Tear off strips of tape and place where you’d like to have the sun (the landscape will be below).

    -Naomi created her landscape first and then the sun.

2. Start painting the landscape.

I chose green mountains. Adding just a trace amount of water to the paint and swirling will give you a darker shade, adding more water will lighten the color.

3. Add darker colors to the mountain tops for definition and on the sides to create slopes.

Naomi worked on her slopes first, green on the left and yellow on the right, then peeled off the tape.

4. I then worked on the sky and added, watered out reds, oranges and purples.

5. I continued with the center of the sun with yellow.

Naomi worked on the bottom half of the slope and included a stream, a smaller slope, and filled in the lake.

She then added the tape on the upper portion for sun rays and painted the sun.

She continued with the sun, pulled off the tape and then filled in the yellow rays as well as the unfinished slope portions(not pictured).

6. I then pulled off the tape, filled in the sun rays and darkened the areas that got washed out. I included a brighter green on one mountain for groundcover and some purple/pink dots as flowers(below).

Both of our paintings dried very quickly.

That’s it!

Happy crafting!

Amanda and Naomi

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