Labor Day Poem & Coloring

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Hi Friends!


This is our first holiday since starting school and the day couldn’t come soon enough for the kids! They’re acting like school has drained them or something lol Are your’s acting the same? I’m just happy to have my whole family home on a week day. Our biggest decision is going to be what fun we’ll participate in, who’s suggestion we’ll go with and maybe what we’ll eat. No biggie, right? Well, sometimes those aren’t so easy to determine; we take their ideas and ages into consideration, then try to be fair. Having an extra day of rest with my family will always be welcomed but the extra decision making? Not so much haha. How about a laid back activity, where all you’ll need to decide on are crayons or colored pencils. Check it out below.

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What You'll Need

  • Construction Paper (Red, White, Blue, or Color of Choice)

  • Glue

  • Labor Day Printout(below)

  • Color Pencils, Crayons, or Markers


The Steps

  1. Click on page, right-click, open in new window and save (printing directly could result in smaller page).

  2. Print out.

  3. Color the stars and fill in the letters.

4. Fill in your makeshift flag or design how you’d like.

5. Add glue to the back of the page.

6. Position the page over the construction paper and press down.

Optional: Trace the words with colored pens/pencils.

That’s it!

Happy crafting and Happy Labor Day!

Amanda and Naomi

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