Ocean Scenes with Cupcake Liners

Hi friends!

Fall is almost here, like 2 weeks away (insert clapping hands)!!! Pumpkin spice & everything nice! “Nice” meaning: fall weather, fall colors, falling leaves, sweaters, boots… I CAN’T WAIT! We even had a perfect “fall” day this Saturday, including a cool breeze and fall activities with family. But before I get ahead of the season and whisk my own self away, we have ANOTHER ocean/water themed craft for you! We/I had totally forgotten about this one. We made these way back when we started, like 6 months ago, before it was even summer(check out our GREEN grass and lack of garden in the background). We were playing around with the cupcake liners for a summer theme, as we’d just completed our butterfly one and didn’t know when we’d get to use it. We tucked it away in a file(aka mom brain) and then got busy with all the other crafts. So, here we are, sharing our 5th ocean/water themed craft and officially removing it from mama’s brain! Check it out below.

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What You'll Need

  • White Construction Paper

  • Crayons

  • Cupcake Liners in Color/Pattern of Choice

  • Scissors

  • Toothpicks

  • Glue


The Steps

  1. Start by coloring your ocean/beach scene.

2. Add details to the beach or ocean with crayons like seashells, towels, sand castles, fish, etc.

Naomi was beginning to draw the lifeguard chair

3. Add textural touches with cut up toothpicks or cupcake liners and glue down.

Naomi added armrests with the toothpicks

4. Fold 1 liner 2x and create a triangle beach umbrella.

5. Glue the umbrella and toothpick down.

6. Cut 1 liner into a rectangle for a beach towel and glue down.

7. Create a beach chair with a cut liner and split toothpick.

8. Cut the bottom of a liner out and cut out the center to create a pool float.

9. Add any last touches like a phrase on the drawing.

That’s it!

Naomi added 2 pool floats, 1 triangle umbrella, colored beach towel, 1 lifeguard chair, 1 rounded umbrella, and a round beach blanket .

I kept it simple and had 1 pool float, 1 triangle umbrella, 1 beach chair, and 1 matching beach towel.

Happy crafting!

Amanda and Naomi

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