Fall Inspired Paintings

Hi friends!

TODAY is the 1st day of fall!!! EEEK!!! Even though I LOVE the blues of the ocean; the scenery, landscape, and colors in the photo above, melt me, literally. The inspiration photo for today’s craft is full of oranges, yellows, reds, & greens and it drew me INSTANTLY. I could stare at it forever, even live on the grass, facing it all. lol Well, Naomi is notorious for changing our computer screen backgrounds/screen savers, continually; with whatever inspires her, she’s drawn to, or is seasonally appropriate. One of her previous background saves led to this one and that was it, I was done for. We each took our own approach on the paintings and gave it extra time to complete, but we loved the process and the conversation. Naomi even said, “Mom, this is my favorite craft so far!” Though she’s said that before, I can’t hold it against her; just look at that photo! lol Check it out below.

*Click on photos for closer look

What You'll Need

  1. Craft Paper Roll

  2. Craft Paints

  3. Paintbrushes

  4. Scissors

  5. Pencil

  6. Rinse Jar

  7. Wipes/Wash Rag

  8. Paint Tray/Plastic Plate

optional: Paper Lunch Bag, Cookie Sheet


The Steps

  1. Unroll the amount you would like to use and trim down to size if necessary.

    We each used a large piece about 24 in x 30 in as we wanted to display them on the mantle, but you can use any size or cut open a lunch bag and make a smaller version.

  2. Roll in the opposite/reverse direction to help flatten it out.

2. Paper flattened out.

3. Our inspiration placed where we could see it.

Your close up and link to check it out yourself here.

4. Start to sketch out your drawing.

We did very simplified sketches, major landscapes, a few trees and skyline. We would fill in the rest with paint.

5. Then begin to paint, adding different colors to give depth and using different brushes to add the appearance of texture.

*We used plastic plates to mix our paints as we didn’t have all the colors needed and it helps customize your own. Cookie sheets work great too and hold more.

Naomi started with the trees first and then the background which is much harder. Do what you prefer.

I did more sketching than Naomi and if the photo wasn’t tough enough already, I reversed the landscape so we could somewhat mirror them.

I chose to do some of the landscape 1st and then got too excited about the trees lol but I should have just continued with the landscape as that is the foundation for the rest of the painting.

Naomi starting to paint her trees first.

Close up’s of Naomi’s painting.

Her finished piece! She opted for darker shades and a night version.

She accidentally placed her moon on the left instead of the right.

Some trees and bushes in the midst of some landscape. The finished close up of the same area.

Close up’s of my painting.

My finished piece!

I think we did a great job over all and felt fancy pouncing our brushes haha.

Enjoy your day friends and give the painting a try.

Happy crafting and Happy Fall!

Amanda and Naomi

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